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I taught my first class today, and I think it was very successful.  I had 5 girls and they each decorated their own cake to take home and they had a blast. 
I have a few options for classes - cakes, cupcakes, or cookies - and can range in time.
This is something I will be offering in the future, so ask for details and pricing!
Great for birthday parties!

How to make a Cornet (cor-nay)

A cornet is a disposable pastry bag great for projects when you have multiple colors, or only need a small amount of an icing.  I use them for writing on cakes and decorating cookies.  Here are a few easy steps to make a cornet for your next pastry project!  

Start out with a half sheet of parchment paper (12X18). Cut on the diagonal from 
the bottom right corner to the top left so you are left with two triangles. 

 Place the paper in front of you like this to get started.

Curl the right corner around like so.

Hold the top of the cone as you start to roll the parchment paper up.

Keep going!  :)

Once rolled, fold the top into the cone so it holds its shape.

Now fill your cornet with frosting.

Pinch the top...

... fold in the corners...

... and then roll the top down to compress the frosting.
Snip the tip of the cornet with your trusty pair of scissors.

And viola!  It's that easy!!